The refrigerator is overheating


The occurrence of a refrigerator overheating may initially seem unreasonable, considering its primary function of keeping food and beverages cool. However, as most refrigerators operate using a motor, it is possible for the motor to experience overheating. While it is normal to feel some warmth when touching the back of a refrigerator, it should not be excessively hot to the point where immediate hand withdrawal is necessary to avoid burns. Sensing an excessive amount of heat emanating from the refrigerator serves as a clear indication of an issue with either the refrigerator itself or the cooling system.

The insulation present at the back of the refrigerator typically shields users from excessive heat. Nevertheless, if you observe that your refrigerator is becoming hot, it is advisable to promptly contact a certified refrigerator service to inspect the coils. An authorized technician specializing in refrigerator repairs can assess the situation and provide you with one of two potential outcomes:

The problem may be relatively minor, and it could be resolved by replacing the coils.
The technician might indicate that the refrigerator is nearing the end of its lifespan, making it more sensible to consider replacing it instead of opting for repairs.

In order to prevent this problem in your refrigerator, you should clean the sections in the rear engine section or the grill section in the front section, which varies according to the model of the refrigerator, at least once a month.

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